Makeup Collaborations - The Biggest Scam in the Cosmetics Industry

May 20th, 2022

Who unironically thinks to themselves, "I want to pay a markup for something with slightly fancier packaging." That's literally what makeup collaborations are. Some random brand ""collaborates"" with a cosmetic company and then they release a line of products. THEY'RE JUST THE SAME COSMETICS WITH A NEW SLIGHTLY FANCIER PACKAGING THAT PERTAINS TO THE BRAND THEY ARE COLLABORATING WITH. THERE IS NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT THEM. The only exception I have seen thus far is makeup brushes and mirrors, which can be cool. I was in the middle of CVS when I saw these pride nail polishes by Sally Hanson. I thought to myself, "What makes this pride themed? These are just regular nail polish colors with pride packaging on them. Then I saw on the display that the collaboration was with GLAAD and I thought, "Oh, maybe a sum of the profits made on the sales of this nail polish goes back to that charity." I was right, 100% of the profits made on selling those nail polishes go back to them. Which is cool. but in most cases, makeup collaborations are not for charity. They just promote useless consumption.